Sunday, July 28, 2013

LaBeq's Big Day

My sister LaBeq got married last month,
 for time and all eternity, in the Salt Lake Temple.
 I got to make some ties,
 but she made her own lace.
Her heart on her sleeve.  Isn't it gorgeous?
 The reception was in a lovely garden center,
and featured waffles
 and a cake that tasted even better than it looked.
 Mom and Dad were pleased parents,
 and Vae and I were supportive sisters.
May they live happily ever after!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Featured on MMB

We've just returned from a hot, sunny vacation to the comforting gray blanket of the Pacific Northwest.  I'm catching up with laundry before catching up on blogging, but I did notice something in my queue that I'd like to pass along.  I recently joined the contributing writers at MMB, and my first article was published today!  MMB features value-centered prose, designed to uplift and entertain.  Check it out!