Thursday, October 9, 2014

Embroidered Baby Quilt

 I found this quilt top in Grandma O's sewing room, all hand-embroidered, pieced, and prairie-pointed.  I thought it deserved to be finished.
So I added some batting and navy flannel backing, and quilted it three ways.  First, I used the walking foot to stitch straight lines along the edges of the blue blocks.  Then I used the embroidery function to apply quilting motifs.  Finally, I used that odd little clear echo quilting foot to outline the embroidered animals.  This was my first free-motion project, and I thought it went rather well.
Speaking of the animals, weeping bears are not my style.  It seems to me that babies learn from day one that there is plenty to cry about in this life.  Why remind them on a blanket?  I do like this lamb, though.  It even looks sort of  familiar.  Does anyone recognize these patterns?

I've sent this collaboration off to Project Linus.  Hopefully a distressed child will find comfort and warmth with these little animals.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Musical Monday

When everyone gets ready to go back to school and work after the weekend, they often have a hard time finding some important things.  For some, it becomes a manic Monday; others get the blues.

Here's the one and only B.B. King, with Sandra Boynton's "One Shoe Blues."