Saturday, December 26, 2009

Picture our Christmas

The Sunday Before Christmas
Some have been lamenting the Caterpillar's lack of silly grin in recent portraits.  Don't worry, he still knows how.

The Ceremonial Coming Downstairs and Dumping out of Stockings
Notice that the Caterpillar is already dressed for the day.  He just had to take a shower before getting started.  His brothers were remarkably patient.

Abundant Joy and Sharing
Here we have Rollo wearing D2's new Buzz Pack, and D2 wearing his own new cowboy hat and wielding the Caterpillar's new pistol.  Last Monday, Rollo suddenly decided to give gifts to the family, and his brothers decided it was a good idea.  We want to encourage (but not force) generosity, so off we all went to Wal-Mart for some clandestine shopping.  The items they picked for each other were, well, not necessarily what I would have chosen.  But they all turned out to be just right.  The Wonder Brothers know each other well. 

Fastest Laser Gun in the West
This Christmas was a pretty relaxing day, with plenty of music, playing, and reading, sometimes simultaneously.  I was happy to be with my happy family.  I am so grateful that our Savior came into the world to show us how to be happy, and to provide a way for us to be a family forever.
The joy of Christmas can stay with us always, for Jesus Christ loves us in all seasons.

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