Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fanfare for the Uncommon Caterpillar

Behold the Caterpillar!  Come, take a peek
at how he became a young man last week.
On Monday, awarded for language and math.
Wednesday, he finished the elementary path.
(His classmates felt it an afternoon drear;
an evening reunion brought them some cheer.)
I let him wear the coat he likes
for his twelfth birthday wetlands hike.
He shared a cake with Grandpa G.
The candles burned so merrily!
After the singing, like good Scouts,
they quickly put the fire out.
On Fathers' Day he became a deacon,
to serve and smile, and be a beacon.
His good example can't be hollow;
in his footsteps, brothers follow.

I think he'd like to spin a coccoon,
and disappear inside his room,
to talk 'til midnight, sleep 'til noon,
and read adventures in the gloom.

What will he be, metamorphosized?

Still mine, if he keeps his winning smile,
and his chocolate almond eyes.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on his advancement to a deacon - that's wonderful!

    (BTW, I was commenting to A that you look really lovely in the picture above.)