Wednesday, November 3, 2010


     We have had our energetic Scoot with us for ten whole years, and he hasn't slowed down yet!  The sun came out yesterday, appropriately for a boy who was born in the desert, and he had a pretty good birthday.  Here he is with his Spectacular Orange Cake.  He enhanced its plain appearance by diagramming a soccer field in the icing, and arranging the candles into a team.  He couldn't wait for the candles to sparkle, so excited was he to blow them out and eat.  And it was awfully tasty.

     Scoot is a warm-hearted boy, and he likes to keep his body warm, too.  These gifts from Grandma and Grandpa G should help!

     And, in case you were wondering, that is an orca hat he is wearing.  I made it out of fleece in a fit of creativity, and he likes it more than I hoped he would.  So it was a busy day for me, but very gratifying.

You've grown so much, Scoot!
Have a great year!

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