Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maybe Spring will come

I've been waiting so long for winter to really arrive that I've forgotten to anticipate spring.  The gray, rainy days flow on . . . will it really snow this time?  (It did, twice I think, twice more than last winter, but still . . .)

Last Monday, though, the sun came out, and I came out, too.  I found that the garden has not forgotten.  It is time to make my plans for it, almost time to set up my seed nursery again.  Maybe spring will really come.  Maybe even summer, but it's too soon to think about that.

In the meantime, can you name these sprouts?






What is coming up for you?

Answers: A. Iris   B. The pink ones are peonies 
C. I didn't think I'd see the rhubarb again 
D. Garlic   E. Weeds, the true sign of spring!

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