Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moraine Lake

We were lucky to find a parking space at Moraine Lake.

It was easy to see why. 

This jewel of a lake is surrounded by ten sharp peaks.  Their glaciers feed it a steady supply of water laced with rock flour, turning the lake this gorgeous turquoise blue.

We walked around the edge until one of the larger streams blocked our way.

Then we rented a canoe, for a closer look.

D2 had to get even closer.  With permission for wading, he managed to fall right into the frigid water.  His hair turned crusty with rock flour.  He loved it.

When it wasn't his turn in the canoe, Scoot explored the huge rock pile at the end of the lake.

We outstayed most of the other tourists.

But it was still hard to leave.


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