Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Management

"You should always have three quilts: one on the cutting table, one on the quilting frame, and one in your head."

Thus advised the sweet old ladies who taught me to quilt. I find that it applies not only to quilts, but to all the projects I do. And I always seem to get the most excited about the next project, the one in my head.

For example, I've been working on Halloween costumes. These were mainly designed by the boys, and have been easy, and satisfying. One challenging part remains, and I should be trying to solve it. But during the costume construction, we've been struck by inspiration for a birthday gift for Scoot. It'll be really cool. I can't do it yet. While I wait for a supply to arrive, I should be working on another gift that I already started for him. It's mostly done. It will be easy to complete. Oh, and there's another quick one that's not so interesting, but necessary. But now I'm getting excited about a Christmas project. It's time, isn't it, to start on Christmas projects? How many shipping days are left?

Some people I know rarely move beyond the planning stage. I do like to finish my projects, but the satisfaction of finishing one is inextricably mingled with the anticipation of beginning the next.

How about you? Do you focus on one thing at a time, scatter your attention among different works in progress, or keep lining up more plans as you go?

I won't even mention the quilt in my head. It can't be next yet.


  1. I usually have too much stuff in my head, so that I can't start on anything at all because I don't know which to do. Like right now, I really want to work out a pattern and start on a rather time-consuming, complicated lace project. But I know that I should be working on small stuff to prepare for a fundraiser event thingy in November. So instead of doing either, I think I'll take a nap.

  2. OOh a nap sounds good. I have 118 things on my list including 17 books I'm in the middle of, a story I'm in the middle of writing and 4 quilt tops done and ready to quilt. Oh and a shawl for the old ladies who get cold in church (including me)