Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Twins?

If you look more closely, you can see that

Scoot is a Bat

and D2, a Cat.

Our color and rhyme scheme
the Caterpillar did foil
by choosing to be

a stony Gargoyle.

And Rollo?
His outfit turned out to defy description,
even from his glib tongue.
He designed it himself, based on this model of combat fashion:

Rollo's version is a little brighter:

Isn't that a great shiny jet pack?  I bet Boba Fett wishes he had colored duct tape.
While it was originally supposed to be a Boba Fett costume, Rollo could see the difference, and wouldn't admit to his earlier aspirations. 

The two visions remind me of our clan tartan, though.

Menzies Hunting Tartan

The Menzies plaid comes in Hunting colors,

Menzies Black  & White Dress Tartan

and this more formal Dress style.

I think Boba Fett would prefer the more subdued colors for bounty hunting,
so I present Fett Formal:

You don't want to be in the way when his thermal detonator goes off!

We actually decorated the pumpkins this year.

At the last minute, I foresaw that I would join the boys as a Gypsy:

The shawl worked nicely in the chilly evening air.

I hope you had a happy Halloween!

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