Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Winter finally came to Western Washington.  Real winter, with snow and power outages and school cancellations.  This week of winter didn't faze us, though.  We were busy . . .

enjoying a bit of summer at Walt Disney World.  The natives might have thought it was January, but it felt like summer to us.

We rode carpets and monorails,

 boats and space ships.

We explored jungles, tree houses, forts . . .

and a haunted house.  Well, some of us did.

D2 went to sleep instead.

D2 dug DinoLand on the only rainy afternoon of the week.

We met a Blue Man,

an Army Man,

Miss Piggy,

and a troll.

Rollo took D2 on a speeder ride.

The way the Caterpillar drove, Scoot could barely hang on.

We hung out with Dandelionslayer's parents,

his brother, and his sister's family.

It was a magical,


beautiful week.

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