Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Garden Invader

I found this growing next to my blueberry bush.  It is about two inches tall, shaped like a pine cone, pale yellow and sort of waxy in appearance.  I think it is blooming. 

What is this thing?

Plant?  Tree?  Fungus? 
Alien life form that is planning to take over the world?
Whatever it is, it does not belong next to my blueberry bush.
Maybe I'll plant it elsewhere to see what it does.
What would you do?

This is called a groundcone, a parasite that preys on things like salal and huckleberries.  So, hey, why not a blueberry bush?  I'm glad I moved it.  You can learn more from Parasite of the Day or Wikipedia.

1 comment:

  1. What would I do? I'd leave it in place to see what it would do, but planting it elsewhere to see what it does is a good alternative. When you move it you will at least find out whether it's some sort of saprophyte. It looks like a succulent to me (aside from the blossoms and the habitat) but searching the fabled internet didn't enlighten me. Let us know what you learn.