Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Day Birthday

Six years ago, D2 was born on the first day of school.  Very early on the first day of school.  A friend received his brothers in the middle of the night, packed their lunches, and walked them to school the first day. 

This year, his birthday was on the first day of first grade.

Which wasn't a very good day for having company, so D2 invited friends over a couple of days earlier, for a penguin party.

Scoot took them fishing in the real pond.  The koi knew to stay out of the way.

They tried to feed stuffed fish to this penguin.  It wasn't particularly hungry, unless people stood at very close range.  Rollo and D2 painted the penguin, and D2 helped Dandelionslayer build the supports. 

They tried to transport their eggs safely.  I thought it would be fun to see them waddle, but they quickly solved the problem by hopping.

The Caterpillar led them in an iceberg-hopping game.  The icebergs were very slippery.

Dandelionslayer taught them a silly penguin song and dance.

We took a break for igloo cake, before the big water balloon battle.  It was a fun party.

After school on D2's real birthday, he was tired and a bit cranky.  "It was boring," he declared when I asked about school, "and too long!" 

But things got better.  Here he is, full of birthday ice cream and energy.  Well past bedtime.  What a fun little boy!

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  1. What a fun party. You should be well-pleased with your fun boys.