Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stash to Treasure: Turtle Samosa Pouch

no turtles were harmed in the making of this samosa
Yesterday I needed a quick craft to do, so I decided to try a Samosa Pouch, following this tutorial.  The shape is so cute, not to mention tasty-sounding.  I pulled out some scraps left over from Rollo's quilt, since I'd always liked the turtle fabric.
It's just right for carrying my keys and ID to the gym or a hockey game.  It'll probably hold my phone and a handkerchief, too.  In fact, my camera fits inside, but it's kind of hard to take a picture of that.
The designer lives in India, and named the pouch after a tasty Indian snack.  The flavor of a samosa was in the back of my mind all the time I was sewing.  The shape reminded Dandelionslayer more of a 4-sided die, known affectionately as a "d4" among role-players, or not-so-affectionately as a "caltrop" by people who find one on the floor with their foot.  

I don't think my little tetrahedral pouch will hurt any feet!

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