Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Advice

The Caterpillar begins his busking career

Ever feel stressed about Christmas preparations?  D2 had a great idea the other day:
"Why don't we just let Santa take care of all the presents this year?" 
It would be easier, wouldn't it?  I told him that giving builds character, though.  He's not off the hook yet.

I don't feel stressed so much as occasionally paralyzed.  I love to make gifts, but the process usually includes some time for doubt.  Am I doing this right?  Will they want it, anyway?

I had a great idea, and started right off on it.  After a while, though, it wasn't going my way.  Scoot happened to come by.  I showed him the problems, and he had a helpful idea.  Then he said,
"Just do it, and you can fix it later."
Sometimes children's confidence can be a bit overwhelming.  Mine believe that Mom can fix (almost) anything.  I wasn't ready.  I set that project aside for a while. 

Today I decided to believe in Scoot's belief.  I fixed one problem, then two.  A big one remained, so I stepped away again, thought about something else.  And then I thought of the solution.  So I finished the project, and I think it will do.  

You can succeed, too!

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