Monday, March 16, 2015

Stash to Treasure: Little Gifts

D2 and I had a couple of parties to attend last Saturday.  I enjoy creating, and really don't like shopping, so I made gifts for both occasions.  I was invited to a baby shower, so I sewed up this little outfit.
I started with the Baby Suspender Shorts tutorial from Crafting Zuzzy.  The 0-3 month size was just right to cut out of a pair of navy blue size 8 boy's dress pants.  Luckily, there was only a hole in one knee.  The pants had four buttons, just like the pattern called for--except that one was bigger than the others.  I found some matching buttons in my jar, harvested from some other pair of pants, I guess.  Then I grabbed one of the Onesies from Grandma O's stash, and dressed it up with a necktie appliqué.  I knew those little straps would fall off without some help, so I added matching loops to the shoulders.  
D2 was invited to a birthday party for a girl in his class.  I always ask, "What do they like?"  And the answer is always "I don't know."  But there was a clue--the invitation to the roller-skating party was decorated with a dolphin photo.  I've never seen a dolphin roller skating, but I decided to send one to the party, anyway.
I used the Playful Dolphin pattern.  Unlike in most amigurumi patterns, the pieces are crocheted flat, then stitched together.  I was a little confused about the directions before I figured that out, but things went well after that.
The dolphin is actually a nice medium blue and white, and the turquoise ball has a fluffy pink stripe.  D2 chose the colors from yarn I had on hand.  I enjoyed making these gifts--I hope the recipients enjoy them, too!

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  1. What delightful gifts! I have a feeling they will be treasured.