Friday, September 16, 2016

College Bound

My beloved Caterpillar has gone to test his wings at college!  Before he left, he needed some new equipment.  We did plenty of shopping, but he also let me sew him a couple of things.

He needed a new case for his bass guitar.  The old one was cheap, and wore out pretty quickly.  But it was a good model for planning a new one. 
The Caterpillar picked out the black canvas and poinsettia lining.  He also traced around the old case to make a pattern, and even cut out some of the pieces.

I set the Duetta to embroider his favorite raven in shades of red.
He wanted this case to include adjustable backpack straps.  I bought some big strap adjusters from Buckleguy, and they worked great, once I checked the configuration on an existing backpack.  Honestly, that was about the only trouble I had with this project.  I thought it through so thoroughly that there really weren't any surprises, and I'm quite pleased with the result.  The Caterpillar likes it, too.
Thanks to Grandpa O, he also has a new laptop that needed a case.  I used the same black canvas and webbing, but he chose a lining with a pretty blue pattern. 
He also chose blue and green for the raven design this time.  I thought a messenger bag with magnetic snaps would be simpler than a guitar bag with a very long zipper.  It turned out to be more difficult than I expected, mostly due to the 1" thick protective foam layer.  A couple of times during the process, I doubted that I could finish the bag satisfactorily.  But the Caterpillar told me that he believed in me.  Adding the snaps and metal sliders (also from Buckleguy) bolstered my confidence (it just looked more official with hardware), and I figured out how to finish it up.
Notice anything different?  The Caterpillar is attending BYU-Idaho, which has a pretty specific dress and grooming code.  While the beard was impressive, I'm happy to see the Caterpillar's face more clearly again.
The two of us took a fun road trip to campus.  We were surprised to see this Spanish-style mission church near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and stopped to take a look.
It was built in the mid-1800s by very talented Jesuits and the natives who invited them to their lands. 
They used what was on hand, with wattle-and-daub walls that still stand, chandeliers made of tin cans, and huckleberry juice-stained ceilings. 
 The church is part of a state park now, so people like us can stop by and be inspired by the faith and resourcefulness of the old pioneers.
After staying a night with my aunt and uncle in Idaho Falls, we moved the Caterpillar into his apartment in Rexburg.  Nearly everything we brought fit nicely under his bed. 
Then we explored the lovely campus, and he began his orientation activities.  After he bought a few groceries, I gave him a hug, and set off into the sunset . . .
which was gorgeous.  Here it is, setting off the LDS temple that stands just down the street from the Caterpillar's place. 

Fare thee well, Caterpillar!  Find beauty and inspiration, learn lots of interesting things, and have a great time!

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  1. what a difference a head and face trim make. can't believe he is now at BYU-I.