Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ticket to Ride

     When Rollo was 4 or 5, I took him to Target one day during Christmastime.  As we walked near the toy area, a lady approached us.  She needed to purchase a gift for a 4-year-old boy with whom she was not well acquainted, and she wondered if we had any suggestions.  Rollo answered, without hesitation, "Trains!"
     Though Rollo may play with Legos more often these days, he still enjoys his train set, and D2 is right on track.  So, last month, I thought it was time to take a real train ride again.
      The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad uses real steam engines to pull a few cars around on old logging tracks.  Rail conditions dictate a leisurely pace, which is perfect for enjoying the scenery.
      And we were fortunate that the scenery was actually visible that day.  The company makes no guarantees, but the sky was clear, and we enjoyed a good peek at the peak.
          We took a brief walk by this lake while the train turned around, and headed back all too soon.  Perhaps we'll visit again, on our own schedule.

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  1. I loved going on this tour with your grand photos! I have two sons, and my older one is the TRAIN man! He literally began at age 6 with HO scale and never looked back! Except for the year he gave me the Polar Express Lionel Train (right after the movie came out). He knew I loved the story. Now I love my train! My brother had a Lionel...I got to play with it when he allowed me...I guess my son could tell I still missed it! Aren't boys wonderful!