Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bright (and Early) Beginning

Well, he did it!  On September First Day of School, the Caterpillar, who is not a morning person, heeded his alarm and had finished his shower before I got up to wake him.  So he forgot to set the alarm for the second day--but when he remembers, he'll have time to cross our busy street and hike to the bus stop early every morning.  He's had a good time so far at junior high, which should only improve when he cracks his locker combination.
Scoot, who is a morning person, spent the time after breakfast constructively packing his lunch and doing his housework.  His class hasn't changed much for fifth grade, except for the welcome addition of a church friend.  And since the homework hasn't begun in earnest, he's been pretty happy after school, too.
Rollo was ready for second grade, too.  He was so ready that he had time to set up a race track before rushing out to the bus stop twenty minutes early.  The toys kept D2 busy enough that he didn't mind his brothers' leaving.  But Rollo had a harder time at school.  He only knew two of his classmates, and didn't see any of his old friends at recess.  Then he misplaced his lunch box, and his teacher got food poisoning.  What a week!  Good thing it only lasted three days.  But we know Rollo.  His friendless days will be few. 
Hooray for school!


  1. First day back at school! My kids don't have lockers, yet, but they do have plenty of homework. Makes me want to consider homeschooling, then I realize, that would be way more work. (sigh)

    Here's to a happy, full-to-bursting fall!!