Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash to Treasure: Relief!

After nineteen years of faithful service, the little light bulb in my sewing machine blew out.  So I tried to remove it.  And the boys tried to remove it.  And my husband tried to remove it.  And we huffed, and puffed, stayed right there.  Well, the glass broke off, but the end stayed in the socket.  We needed professional help. 

By the way, how much does a routine sewing machine service cost in your neck of the woods?  I thought it might be about time for a good once-over (it's been less than nineteen years), but when they told me the price, I said "No, thank you, just change the light bulb."

And I waited.  Items needing mending piled up at an unusual rate.  Scoot finally received some overdue Cub Scout patches. The Caterpillar didn't get to finish his summer sewing project during the summer.   And I was starting to experience severe sewing withdrawal.

Three and a half weeks later, I welcomed the machine back to its rightful place.  (It was ready sooner, but they didn't call.  Hmph!)  Did I celebrate by diving into the mending pile?

Of course not.  I sewed another drawstring backpack, and finished it just in time for the Caterpillar to carry it to his first soccer game of the season.  I used his old jeans, some red nylon left from making a fireman costume, and flaggy material left from the apron the Caterpillar designed for himself.  I'll get to the mending someday.  But I feel much better already.