Sunday, October 31, 2010

Must be Halloween

. . . though it feels like the day after.  Another flurry of Halloween events has gone by, and, as usual, our pumpkins remain uncarved.  Isn't this a nice selection, though?  The small yellow specimens are Melonettes Jaspee Vendee, the complete harvest of half a dozen vines.  Have I mentioned that we had a chilly summer?  The others were grown by more expert hands.

While we were too busy with homework and concerts and soccer games to do any carving, the costumes were easy enough.  The boys assembled their own, with items on hand.  I appreciated that, except when some vital pieces were not as close to hand as they should have been.  But we arrived safely (if not punctually) at the Trunk or Treat with Scoot the Gangster, D2 as Sheriff Woody, and Rollo as a cowboy friend of Woody's with the Star Wars-ish name of R2B.  Don't ask me why.

The Caterpillar skipped the Trunk or Treat for a friend's Halloween party, after finishing most of his homework.  I believe he went as a convincingly stinky soccer player.  He wore a lab coat for the Halloween piano recital at the memory care facility (I hope he didn't prompt any unpleasant memories).  But this is how he dressed for another party, last week.  He and Scoot were assistants for the alarmingly mad, lab-coated scientist, Dandelionslayer.  I think the Caterpillar would distract the unsuspecting children while subtle Scoot would
. . . no, I should not reveal a mad scientist's secrets.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wish I had a garden this year! Love the kids' costumes! ;o)

  2. Wow I have not seen a tie dyed shirt like that in ages. My eyes, they burn! Great costumes. And those pumpkins are so much better than ours were. Yours are all gnarly - so much better for Halloween. I'm sad it's over!

    The good news is you are one of the winners in the Keli Clark card giveaway. Could you drop me an email with your address so I can forward your cards when they come in?

  3. Makes me feel better. Our pumpkins didn't get carved either. But, now they are making great Thanksgiving decorations!! (unless they don't survive the bowling competitions by the girls ;-)