Monday, October 4, 2010

Warm Wishes

After the brief flash of summer passed us by, I found myself ready to resume crocheting this project.  It was already large enough to cover my legs and keep me toasty at my work.  And now I have finished my first large afghan.  I used the "Sending Warm Wishes Afghan" pattern from 'Tis the Season to Crochet.  It is a fun book, but be sure to ask the publisher for any corrections before you begin a project from it.

Update:  This is the warmest afghan in the house.  You feel warmer as soon as you put it on.  I was half afraid that Dandelionslayer would hate it because of the gold color, but he uses it all the time!  When, that is, Scoot or I have not claimed it first.  I may have to try it again, in another color scheme.

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