Monday, February 14, 2011

Heartfelt Valentines

We like to make our own Valentine cards around here.  It's just more fun to be creative.  Don't expect any elegant scrapbook papers or sentimental rubber-stamp images from our boys.  They didn't even use the computer this year.  But they had a great time with a new package of construction paper.

Here is Rollo with his fleet of Love Boats.  He recently memorized this folding procedure, so making twenty-two of them was quick work.  It also used twenty-two sheets of the new paper.  Which is what it was for.

Here's Scoot, the minimalist.  He hates to waste paper so much that he refuses to show his work for math problems, or begin new paragraphs on new lines.  He carefully calculated, and cut twenty-five cards from one sheet of construction paper, with inches to spare.  He drew each individually.  He made pretty quick work of it, too, so he could play a computer game Saturday afternoon.  Ah, motivation. 

I think it is safe to say that each will make a unique contribution to their friends' Valentine bins.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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