Saturday, February 12, 2011

Star Treatment

     Ah, the sense of accomplishment!  I've been meaning to install curtains in the room that Scoot and the Caterpillar share since we moved in, of course -- four and a half years ago.  I bought the starry fabric at least one year ago.  But I was not quite sure how to hang it.  They already had ugly old horizontal blinds, but they never opened or closed them.  I wanted them to have an easy way to control light and privacy, and to conserve heat with their huge window.  I found help and inspiration in a library book called The Complete Photo Guide to Window Treatments, edited by Linda Neubauer.  I finally settled on a traverse rod, and found one at Home Depot.  It looked complicated, but it really wasn't too difficult to arrange.  The starry fabric was not quite long enough for the proper folds at the hem and heading, so I found a matching gold striped fabric for the top.  I think it makes the stars look even more regal.  If only the boys would straighten up the rest of the room . . .

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