Monday, April 18, 2011

Stash to Treasure: Ballgame Baby Blanket

'Tis springtime, and my thoughts turn to... showers!  Well, I haven't been invited to any yet, but some local friends are having babies this year, so it's a possibility.  Anyway, I enjoyed making this little blanket with heart-warming pajama flannel from my stash.  I consulted these instructions from Cluck Cluck Sew for constructing the blocks.  Connecting unfaded red flannel with white was risky, of course.  But I countered the risk with Shout Color Catcher sheets.  I washed the blanket four times, with a new sheet each time.  The sheets turned progressively less pink, until the last was not pink at all.  The bleeding was contained to a few small pink spots on the back near some of the ties.  That's nearly miraculous, in my book.

I hope this will keep a future baseball player (or popcorn eater, at least) cozy and warm!

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