Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rollo is Eight!

And it has been great. 
He was so excited about his birthday that he was the first to wake up that morning, bright and early.

Consequently, he fell fast asleep in the car on the way to his first Wolf den meeting.  But he bravely woke up and joined the party.

And he was still awake enough to open gifts, after everyone else was home from baseball and Scouts.

He enjoyed the lemon-flavored figure-8 race track cake that he requested.

Since Rollo has an almost-Easter birthday, Grandma and Grandpa G came for some egg-dying,


and project-building.


Best of all, Rollo chose to be baptized

We couldn't be more pleased. 
He is a wonderful boy, and we're so happy that he is in our family!

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