Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Great White Hunter Returns from the Kill

His practiced eye spotted it from afar. 
I could not read the signs.  I would never have noticed it was there.  But he knew, and with gleaming eyes set out to bag his quarry.

The Great White.

He spared me the grisly details of the battle, but I know his intensity in the chase.  He returned triumphantly with this magnificent specimen.  I've never seen one this size before.  And the weapon is just for show.  He actually took it down with his bare hands. 

That's why we call him...



  1. Awesome post! (I was expecting a fish or rabbit or something.) ;o)

    Is that a NORMAL size for the dandelions in your neck of the woods? Goodness!!!!

  2. You are hilarious. Great catch, Dandelionslayer!