Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Writer

D2's kindergarten teacher has been providing the class with writing prompts, and D2 is rising to the occasion.  Earlier, she challenged him to fill every line on the paper, so he'd put one word of his brief sentence on each line.  Now he is waxing more eloquent. 

In this one, a girl wants a sandwich, but has no bread.  The class discussed her options before writing.  Most of the children would go to the store; a few would decide to eat something else.  Here is D2's solution:

"She could make home made bread in the breadmaker and waited for the bread to get ready."

Well, that's what we would do, if we planned ahead.  It's a long wait, but worthwhile.

As telling as that composition was, I think this one is even more telling.  D2 brought home a library book called Marley Goes to School, by John Grogan, in which a loyal dog gets through many obstacles (literally) to follow his little girl to class.  One scene stayed on D2's mind, and some time later, I found this:

"So Marley dug up Daddy's daffodils and Mommy's violets" (sticking to the story, so far)
"and Baby Louie's mandrakes. 
Baby Louie said, 'Mom, give me my milk plug.'"
(the mandrakes say "skreem")

What does that reveal about our family culture?  "Milk plug" is the name Rollo invented for a pacifier when D2 was a baby.  Seems rather obvious, once you think about it.  And what would be more comforting for a budding herbologist?

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