Saturday, March 31, 2012


Flowering Quince

This has been a rainy Saturday.  It rained all morning and half of the afternoon, long enough to cancel baseball practices and keep us inside.  Which was a blessing, really.  No pesky secondary commitments to tempt us away from General Conference.  But we were a bit jealous of the blue sky over Salt Lake City.

And then the sun came out.  I went outside to bask in its warmth, to admire the blossoms as they shook off the raindrops.  I watched puffy white clouds hurrying along in the wake of their gray counterparts.  It was glorious.

The world can be a gray place, with difficulties and bad news raining down around us.  But, just as the sun is always on the other side of the clouds, divine truth and love are always ready to shine down upon us.  We just have to break through the gloom and look up.  Going to church is a great opportunity to look up, Conference doubly so.  And why wait?  Personal prayer and scripture study can brighten any day.  Let's open our windows to the light of Christ!

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