Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

D2 was very excited about hunting for Easter eggs.  He kept asking us to hide them, reminding us, and even giving us hints about good hiding places.  So when we finally banished the boys upstairs, we snuck out the back door.  They had no idea.  After we returned, they came downstairs and started looking in the usual spots in the living room.  Usually they ask for the rules, to know which rooms to search.  This time D2 just asked if the eggs were "hidden around the house."  Which they were, in a manner of speaking.  Ha!  We surprised them.

Seeking eggs outside was a challenge, but the boys rose to the occasion. 

D2 found this one on the fence, with only a little prompting.

I don't know if the Caterpillar remembers the birds that built a nest in this bush, but it seemed like a good place for an egg.

The Caterpillar walked right over this egg, kicking the leaf off and leaving it in Rollo's sight.

Scoot was feeling rather dramatic.

We used regular food coloring to dye the eggs this year, with some interesting results.  The blue-green was everyone's favorite color.

D2 made a portrait of his favorite one-eyed monster, so the Caterpillar made one with his company's logo.

Everyone agreed that this looks like a dragon egg,

and Rollo drew an Easter dragon to go with it.  I wouldn't want to steal an egg from her, though.  Yikes!

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