Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rollo!

Rollo turned nine on a beautiful Saturday. 
It was sunny, and warm! 
In Western Washington, that is an event in itself.

It was a perfect day for baseball,

and baseball cupcakes for the team.

After we madly cleaned the house and yard,
it was a perfect day for a party.
Robert led his friends in dragon-themed games outside.
They ran too fast to pose for pictures. 
But I'd rather have a dozen boys run outside than fidget inside.

Since it was a dragon party, I had to make this dragon cake.
I think I made a similar dinosaur cake
for the Caterpillar many moons ago.
It was fun, but adding the wings and fire
made this one even better.

I suppose a real dragon would light the candles on his own cake.
Rollo just blew them out.

It was a happy day!

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