Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Did-it-Himself Decor

I never got around to much Halloween decorating this year.  So D2 took matters into his own hands.

Using his favorite artistic medium, LEGO bricks, he spelled out "Haliween" (spelled it himself, too!), and built two skeletons, two pumpkins (on the right), and a yellow leaf (leaning against the W).  They've adorned his windowsill most of the month. 
He's so resourceful.

Speaking of resourceful, check out the costumes we wore to the Trunk or Treat.

Scoot needed some white fur and hairspray to be
an arctic werewolf,

but the other boys used things they found around the house.  D2 wore Scoot's old Buzz Lightyear costume, augmented with wings.  Rollo borrowed Dandelionslayer's robe, some of my jewelry, and Scoot's werewolf expression to be a sorcerer.

The Cat got gat.

As for the Prince and I, we were happy to relax, 
dressed in what we usually wear around the house.

Happy Haliween!

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