Tuesday, October 30, 2012


When the S family moved away last summer, they left us some things to remember them by,

including a pair of sturdy armchairs, and a matching footstool.  The Caterpillar immediately began using them this way:

Considering that his friends had probably done the same, and that the chairs had been loved by at least one other family before that, it was not surprising that the upholstery was a little the worse for the wear.  So I decided to replace it.

I took apart the original covers and used the pieces as patterns to cut this lovely Spruce Green Brushed Bull Denim from Fabric.com.  I sewed it up more or less according to the original plan, and now the chairs are renewed.

I admit that I was tempted by many other materials.  The fabric store and websites are full of fashionable fabrics that are expensive, unwashable, and feature patterns that I like, but would make Dandelionslayer cringe.  So I decided to be safe, and go for something plain and comfortable,

then accesorize with pillows.  The chairs are a little deep for some of the less-tall members of the family (like me), so I made a couple of supporting pillows.  Then I used some printed cotton and yellow satin from my stash to make pillow covers.  Now I can change the decor easily, if I want to.  I'm already planning Christmas pillows...

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