Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guillemot Cove

We didn't go very far afield during the boys' spring break this week, but we did take a little hike one day. We visited Guillemot Cove, which I was afraid to pronounce when I told them where we were going. It just looks so French.
 According to an online dictionary, the pronunciation is not that bad: gill-uh-mot, almost like it looks.  It is named after a kind of bird.  The Pigeon Guillemot is supposed to live up and down the Pacific coast, but we didn't see any.  We did see a Great Blue Heron fly up and perch in a tree--kind of a weird sight.  And we saw robins, and a hummingbird, but they wouldn't stop to pose.
We hiked this trail once before, when D2 was a babe in arms and the Caterpillar and Scoot looked like this.
They're still on top of things, but a they were a little taller this week.
The Cove was so marshy we couldn't get to the beach.
So we ate a picnic and looked for signs of spring,
 like currant blossoms,
and, um, this.
This tree is probably more interesting without any leaves, so I'm glad we caught its curly branches in early spring.
It was a nice little excursion.  Where have you found spring?

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  1. All over! much further along in some ways! and the birds are singing with frogs!