Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stash to Treasure: Completing the Set

Scoot likes to be organized.  Kind of.  Not enough to, say, keep his room clean.  That is, he claims that all his things are put away, and blames the mess on the Caterpillar.  It's mostly true.  Anyway, Scoot definitely likes to know where his sports equipment is.  Thus, when we received a promotional drawstring backpack from a pro soccer team, he immediately laid claim to it.  He packed it with shin guards and gloves, and used it well.  That bag inspired me to sew similar bags for Rollo and the Caterpillar.
But there's only so much use a cheap nylon bag can take, and it reached its limit last fall.  So I sewed a new bag for Scoot, out of the usual old denim, purple fabric left over from some long-gone maternity trousers, and the cord from his original bag.

I forgot to take a picture of it, probably because I had promised to sew one for D2, also, and intended to display them together.  D2 was at the very beginning of his sports career, and needed to hang onto his shin guards.  But suddenly it was the end of the soccer season, and I hadn't gotten around to his bag.  And he didn't seem to need one very much, until Dandelionslayer signed him up for tee-ball this spring. 
Tee-ball.  Where kids learn to swing at the ball and hit the tee, dance in the outfield, fight their teammates for possession of said ball, and throw it in the general direction of the first baseman, who is looking somewhere else.  The sport's only redeeming value is the cuteness of the children . . .
which is undeniable.

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