Tuesday, May 28, 2013


*Young Upwardly-growing Pea Plants

I know that my Golden Sweet pole peas need some support as they reach for the sky, so I've given them their usual teepees.

But last year, what I thought were bush peas were less bushy than I expected.  So I've tried to give them something to cling to, as well.  It's for their own good.  Floppy pea plants are easy prey for slugs.  Alas, like gangly teenagers, they resist and resent my efforts at improving their posture.  Still, I keep trying to gently rein the plants in.

(For the record, I had impeccable posture in my youth.  Having babies did it in.)
I'm also trying something new with potato plants.  I read, at Irish Eyes, that by gradually adding dirt, one can grow many potatoes in a small space.  I used what was on hand to build my containers (sign posts and landscape fabric), and bought three fancy, small seed potatoes to plant.  Two have sprouted so far.  Potatoes are funny about when they sprout, though, so I won't give up hope for the third.
We had a warm, sunny week, followed by plenty of rain.  After a fortnight, look at the potatoes:
 And the peas:
My lettuce is actually growing this year, too.  Onward and upward!

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