Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling Blue

After finishing my big crochet project, I was ready for some sewing.  I did some shopping, and assembled my supplies, and realized my projects all had something in common: 

they were blue.  Dark blue, even.  I hadn't planned it that way.
My ironing board cover was looking pretty sad.  It was getting ripped and stained.  And it had always been boring.  I've replaced the cover a couple of times before, but this time I decided to make a new cover myself.  I wanted a cute print, and found one that I really liked, with just a bit of blue accent.  Of course, there was not sufficient fabric left on the bolt.  Nor was there enough of my second choice.  This happy blue print caught my attention, so I picked it up.
I mostly followed Bleuview's instructions, though I folded my fabric in half to save on cutting, and doubled the fleece layer. 
The old cover did have some advantages, like a pair of velcroed straps underneath.  So they came out of the old, and into the new.
When he saw it, Dandelionslayer asked me if I was excited to do some ironing.  And, you know what?  I almost was.

I wanted to sew a skirt to go with this:
a lovely blouse my parents bought me in Hungary, or one of its neighbors.  I considered various colors, but the dark blue suiting seemed to match the best.  
Sorry to blind you.  It's hard to take pictures on a cloudy-bright day.

The third piece is a continuation of a project I began some time ago.  At least eighteen years ago, possibly more, my dad gave me this lovely book:
Modern Sashiko Collection, by Eiko Yoshida.  Sashiko is a Japanese style of stitchery that was traditionally done in white thread on indigo fabric.  This collection of modern projects includes various color combinations, but I decided to start with the standard.  I did the embroidery for four placemats, some time ago, and still had fabric for more.  So this spring I pulled it out and stitched this:
The pattern is called "Blue Sea Waves," though the boys thought it looked more like fish scales.  The stitching went surprisingly quickly, but I'll go more into that another time.

So, as you see, the blueness of my projects cannot be traced to my state of mind at any particular time.  Except, of course, that I do really like blue.  So, here are a couple of parting shots of my boys in blue.
D2 pounces on second base

Scoot leaps for the ball

Go, blue!


  1. Shuu means collection. "The Collected Works of Ana Nezumi" would be be "Nezumianashuu." Look up the character under "atsumaru."

    That's nice looking work.

  2. Ah, yes. I was looking under simpler radicals. Doomo!

  3. Very nice work. I wonder if I could get beautiful appliances that could make me excited about cleaning....

    Also love the pictures of my nephews...yay action shots. Scoot is getting something of a vertical leap.

  4. I love the blue fabrics you chose. Your sewing talents continue to amaze me. :o)