Monday, June 24, 2013

Musical Monday

School is out, finally, and the boys' piano lessons are also over for the summer.  But the older boys have already chosen their pieces for the Halloween recital.  Scoot is working on the theme from "The Phantom of the Opera."  He has been trying to master those tough minor chords, and his brothers have been working on them, too.  So we've been hearing a lot of that spooky music. 

But that is not all.  We've been enjoying the Piano Guys' music ever since Christmas time.  In one of the boys' favorites, the Guys are joined by an energetic young violinist.  She's caught the Caterpillar's eye, and ear, so he's been playing her videos pretty often lately, too. 

So, this piece seems like a natural combination of recent hits in the family:

Lindsey Stirling plays songs from "Phantom."  I love her costumes, and the music sets a high standard of performance for our Scoot.  Practice hard!

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  1. Love it! Can't believe how big your boys are getting!!!!