Monday, January 27, 2014

Becoming Jane

Remember all that yarn I wound so patiently?  Eventually I transformed this into another piece from AUSTENtatious Crochet:  the Becoming Jane Sweater. 
It's done in the Begonia Stitch.  Isn't it lovely?  I had a little trouble with the gauge, like the last time I used this book.  Perhaps it was my fault.  I chose to use a yarn different from that called for.  But I was really careful about it.  I figured that a yarn with the same ratio of length to weight should produce the same gauge.  I calculated ratios and considered colors for many yarns, and finally chose CoBaSi, a blend of cotton, bamboo, silk, and elastic nylon in a range of vibrant colors.  I knew I'd need a hook larger than the recommended E, so I tried F.  And G.  Once I got to N, the stitches were large enough to achieve the specified gauge, but they were loose and undefined, and didn't look right at all.  So I settled on J, and crocheted by the measurements. 
The lightweight yarn and small pieces made this a perfect summer crochet project.  The fabric has a great drape, and the sweater is warm and comfortable.  I think it is fairly becoming, too, even if I'm busy talking while Dandelionslayer takes my picture.


  1. Thank you so much for commenting on the challenges you had with the gauge. I am having the same issue and came searching the web for help. I will try a J hook and see how it turns out. Much Thanks!