Monday, January 27, 2014

Becoming Jane

Remember all that yarn I wound so patiently?  Eventually I transformed this into another piece from AUSTENtatious Crochet:  the Becoming Jane Sweater. 
It's done in the Begonia Stitch.  Isn't it lovely?  I had a little trouble with the gauge, like the last time I used this book.  Perhaps it was my fault.  I chose to use a yarn different from that called for.  But I was really careful about it.  I figured that a yarn with the same ratio of length to weight should produce the same gauge.  I calculated ratios and considered colors for many yarns, and finally chose CoBaSi, a blend of cotton, bamboo, silk, and elastic nylon in a range of vibrant colors.  I knew I'd need a hook larger than the recommended E, so I tried F.  And G.  Once I got to N, the stitches were large enough to achieve the specified gauge, but they were loose and undefined, and didn't look right at all.  So I settled on J, and crocheted by the measurements. 
The lightweight yarn and small pieces made this a perfect summer crochet project.  The fabric has a great drape, and the sweater is warm and comfortable.  I think it is fairly becoming, too, even if I'm busy talking while Dandelionslayer takes my picture.

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Christie said...

Very pretty sweater! Nice job!