Sunday, January 12, 2014

Craft Bridge

I crocheted a bridge into the new year.  I began a scarf on New Year's Eve, mostly finished on New Year's Day, and did some revision and finalizing on the next day.
It turned out to be a very long bridge.  Eight and a half feet long.  I was very careful to count the chains, but didn't look at the big picture until the end.  That's okay.  I get to be creative when I wear it.
A while ago, I ran across this pattern, which Pinkleo based on one worn by Luna Lovegood in one of the Harry Potter films.  When I went back for it, I also found Calophi's modification of the same pattern, which I liked even better (it is easier to see here).  And then, well, mine turned out differently.  I used two skeins of Caron Simply Soft Paints, in Springbrook, with an H hook.  The first skein ran out shortly before I finished the first side.  So I began the second side with row 2, rather than row 1.  That didn't save me enough yarn, though, and I ran out again before finishing. 
The next day, I took out rows 5 and 6 on both sides, then worked row 6 without row 5.  I have a little yarn left over, and I like the lacy pattern.  It doesn't look so much like Luna's anymore.  But we're both pretty unique characters, so we should have unique accessories, shouldn't we?

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