Monday, April 28, 2014

Serging Ahead

This month I decided it was time to try out Grandma O's classic serger.  Little did I know that it was National Serger Month.  How appropriate!
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I checked out a book from the library, which was good for general serging information, but my first attempts didn't go too well.  So I ordered a user manual from Singer.  It didn't give much more detailed information, but I loaded up four colors of thread, adjusted the tension more carefully, and came up with some perfect samples.  It was time for a real project.
I'd found some decorator fabric in Grandma O's stash that seemed perfect for replacing my beat-up grocery bags.  I decided to start with the print on the right, which reminds me of alien olives.  (Grandpa O thought it had green and orange circles.  They're pink.  Pink!  Men.  Honestly.)
I used my own measurements with instructions from this site.  I also added a layer of denim in the bottom.  I switched the thread back to all white, and serged up the interior seams.  This time the serging was not so perfect.  The stitches were pretty even, but would skip in some places.  Or one of the needles would unthread itself.  I still don't understand what happened.  But the seams are neat, and hopefully strong.
I added a loop at the top to hook onto the bag stand during loading, and top-stitched the seams on the outside for more structure.  By making it myself, I was also able to ensure that the handles weren't too long.  Here's one of the two alien olive bags in use.

There wasn't as much of the green plaid material, so I'll need to change the design a bit.  I can't say I mastered the serger during National Serger Month, but I'm glad I got started with it.

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