Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rollo is 11!

Rollo turned 11 in April.  It was a good day.  He spent most of his school time playing jazz at a couple of other elementary schools, and went out to lunch with the band.  He had ice cream at lunch, and we went out for more ice cream after dinner.  And in between we gave him a few presents.
Rollo loves the Ranger's Apprentice books, and wanted a "mottled gray-green cloak" like the rangers use.  When Scoot asked for the same thing, I sewed this:
Oh, dear.  Did I never post the Halloween pictures last year? Well, here you go.  Ranger Scoot, in reversible mottled gray and mottled green.
The Caterpillar sewed his own cloak, right before (and during) the Trunk or Treat.  We used McCall's 4139, which turned out to be quite large.
Much too large for Rollo.  But my copy of Simplicity 5512 (sadly out of print) seemed too small.  I used it anyway, increasing the size 8 to something that fits just fine.  I found some mottled gray-green corduroy, but not very much of it.  So I used it for the hood, shoulders, and hem binding, with plain gray for the body of the cloak.  This cloak is reversible, too, with black inside for when Rollo feels Phantomish.
He wore the cloak for his party the next week, where he led his friends in making and dueling with foam swords, archery, and capturing the flag. 
Rollo decorated his lemon-flavored cake himself with a Lego ranger fighting bad guys, Lego foliage, and cake ball boulders (they finally worked!).  I believe a good time was had by most.

Happy Birthday, Rollo!

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