Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Sewing

The Caterpillar wanted to sew some shorts.  But not just easy, elastic-waist beginner shorts.  He picked out Simplicity 5581, which features a fly and interesting pockets.  The envelope includes sizes for boys and men.  The Caterpillar seemed to be between those, so I carefully interpolated, and drew custom pattern pieces just for him.  He cut the pieces from bright red fabric, his favorite color.  Under my careful, anxious guidance, he sewed the fly, a buttonhole, and the front pockets.  Then he ran out of time and interest, and set the project aside.

That was four years ago.

At the same time, Dandelionslayer had decided to sew some easy, elastic-waist beginner shorts.  He picked out some material, but never got started.  A couple of weeks ago, he decided he needed some new shorts for soccer-coaching, so I found the bag with his black rip-stop nylon and the easy pattern, and the red half-shorts were there, too.  While Dandelionslayer cut his pieces, I decided to finish up the red shorts.  I was sure they would fit someone.

Before hemming, I had Rollo try on the shorts.  They were too big.  So I had Scoot try.  They were too long, but the circumference was all right.  Since Scoot and the Caterpillar have about the same circumference, I half-jokingly suggested the Caterpillar try them, too. 

And they were just right.

So the Caterpillar sewed the hems, and finally finished his summer sewing project.

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