Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stash to Treasure: Pillowcases

I'm not sure when Saturday became a sewing day for me.  You'd think we'd have other things to do on Saturdays.  And we did, today.  But, in between events, I had an itch to create.  So I whipped up some pillowcases. 

One of our church service projects this year is to give pillowcases to a children's hospital.  A couple of Grandma O's fabrics seemed perfect for the job. Here we have some dinosaurs, along with a bright yellow, and a piece of binding left over from the Creamsicle Baby Quilts.  It was just the right color and length.
I used the popular Burrito Method to sew these up quickly.  I'd observed the method before, but not tried it.  In case I'm not the last seamstress on the planet to learn, here are links to the printout and tutorial I used.  The rest of the dinosaur material was just right for the cuff of another pillowcase. 
This fabric should be fun for a child to explore.  It's a jungle full of African savannah animals, with some nice eastern North American birds thrown in.  Maybe it was modeled on the National Zoo.  I like it.

So, despite the heat of the sewing room, I had a good time this Saturday.  How about you?

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