Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tolo Tie

A week or two ago, I ran across this stunning peacock feather bowtie online.  Go ahead, take a look.  Look at the price, too.  Yikes!  I showed it to Dandelionslayer and the Caterpillar, who were suitably impressed.  But not with the price.  "Feathers are a renewable resource," Dandelionslayer pointed out.  And it's true.  The elegant birds molt every year, just like other fowls, and their keepers can just pick up the feathers and sell them to pricey designers or ordinary craft stores.

I took it as a challenge.
I found feathers at JoAnn's, two for about $4.  I used some black peachskin fabric and bowtie hardware I keep handy and made a pretied bowtie.  I trimmed the feathers and glued them in before affixing the knot piece.
Ta-da!  Peacock feather bowtie, 98% off.  In hindsight, and for your benefit, I see that Gorilla Glue was probably not as good a choice as a high quality fabric or craft glue would have been.  And maybe there's a better way to attach feathers.
But the Caterpillar was happy with it, and it was ready for him to wear to Tolo.  What is Tolo?  Tolo is a Chinook Jargon word, "from the Calipooia language (of western Oregon,) meaning to earn, control, convince, overcome, or triumph. Now used . . . as a term for a ladies'-choice school dance." (From the White River Valley Museum)  This usage came from a fund-raising (and eyebrow-raising, in 1910) dance put on by the Tolo Club, a ladies' honor society at the University of Washington.
When the Caterpillar's friend, S, invited him to the dance, she also invited him to go dress-shopping with her.  It was an arduous process, as she tried to find something pretty, well-fitting, and modest.  I guess the Caterpillar has told her enough about our standards that she wanted to fit them, too.  Good boy, nice girl.  And they found a lovely dress. 
It seemed appropriate to put a little effort into the Caterpillar's outfit.  He already has the tuxedo for band (S has one, too, actually), so I was happy to add a feathery touch.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I love how it dresses up an already dressy tie! Your boy looks very handsome.