Monday, March 28, 2016


Did you have a happy Easter?  We did.  Our choir song went well at church, we took some nice naps afterward, and we had plenty of time for hunting eggs before dinner.
After thinking about it for several years, I finally tried a couple of natural egg-dying methods.  We cooked a few eggs with onion skins, and threw in some carrot peels for good measure.  We tied the eggs up in nylon pieces to secure leaves for resist patterns.
This resulted in the beige color you see in the center here.
The blue color is from purple cabbage, and it worked better than any tablet dye I've ever used.  There are plenty of recipes available for both onion skins and cabbage, but I used the ones from here.
We also used some red and green food coloring, and crayon, and various combinations. 
A sudden downpour kept the egg hunt indoors this year.  It was still quite challenging, but all eggs were found, and a quarter of them were soon given the Angelic treatment, and devoured.

Did you color eggs this year?

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  1. Beautiful!! I love that dark blue you got be leaving them so long!