Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shoreline to Snow Line

On a beautiful day, we dropped the Caterpillar off for a Scout activity at this camp along the Hood Canal.
We had to stop and play at the beach a while.  D2 found a staff and a shell that fit together perfectly.
Scoot searched for flat stones, skipping some and stacking others.
The sun shone on the smooth shells,
and on the madronas, with their papery, peeling bark.  It was a lovely spring morning.
Then we drove another hour to the top of a mountain, where it was still winter.
There we met Rollo, who was already there for another Scout activity.
We brought sleds and foam swords, without which, apparently, no campout is complete. 
There was more stacking to do.
How deep the snow,
how tall the trees
among whose tops we trod? 
How many waves
have washed the stones
that lie along the shore?
From sea level
to snow level,
the gulls and ferns and more--
He paints the canvas
where we walk,
a bounteous artist, God.

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