Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scoot Takes the Cake

For the recent pack meeting, the Cub Scouts were challenged to each make a cake for the cake walk, without female assistance.  Scoot was in luck; the Caterpillar was qualified to help him bake a chocolate cake in the morning before school, and in the afternoon his Dad helped him transform the brown rectangle into this spiffy purple light saber!
Here are some of the other Cub Scout cakes:
The names were as good as the decorations.  Behold the Monster Cupcake!
Mr. Smiley
The Egyptian Green Pyramid
Is that Gator guarding the other cakes?
Scoot was among the first to win the giant group cakewalk.  He was told not to claim his own cake as a prize, so he chose the Glacier Cake.  It was a delicious choice!

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