Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stash to Treasure: Drawstring Backpack

I've heard this too close to game time:
"Mom!  I can't find my cap!"
And this, too often, afterward:
"Oops.  I must have left my water bottle there."
So I decided it was time for an organizational tool.
I sewed Rollo a drawstring backpack, based on this tutorial from Noodlehead.  I used some fabric with which he should be comfortable: his own old jeans.  Old denim is pretty much a renewable resource around here.  I mostly use it for, well, renewing the resource.  But once the patches start ripping, too, the good parts are perfect for some other rough sorts of projects.  The initial comes from a scrap left from the quilt I made for the Caterpillar, lo, these many years ago, and I lined the bag with a light gray marbled fabric (original purpose forgotten).  All I bought this time was the string.

The bag holds a water bottle, and should be able to fit a mitt and cap as well.  And shin guards during soccer season.  I plan to make one for the Caterpillar's soccer things, and it will be easy to vary the pattern to make it bigger.  I just hope they don't lose the bags...

Speaking of baseball, Dandelionslayer speculated the other night about whether there will be baseball in heaven.

"I know how to play baseball in the Celestial Kingdom!"  Rollo announced right away.  "You use a really long celery stick for the bat," (he demonstrated his swing in slow motion) "and a meatball for a ball!"

I can hardly wait!


  1. Great idea. Your boys are so funny!


    awards 4 u,