Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You should see the other guy . . .

. . . but you might not recognize him.
The other guy was a baseball.
It was propelled toward Rollo's eye by . . .
Rollo's own bat.
The coach told him not to watch the ball that closely . . .
Which might be an excuse for what happened later.
Rollo was on second base, where the play was.
His teammate threw the ball to him.
Rollo was watching the runner, a friend of his . . .
and the ball hit him on the shoulder.
This time his team came over for hugs,
and some of the parents suggested the application of ice cream.
I hadn't even made dinner.
I was glad that Rollo didn't sit out.
He took all his turns, if not with enthusiasm.
And his team played well.
Finally it was over, and the teams lined up for high fives.
As the exuberant players ran back to their dugouts, one figure was crumpled on the mud.
Yes, somehow Rollo got knocked over in the celebration.
Hopefully, it was a game for the record books.
He doesn't want to break this record.

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