Monday, July 5, 2010

Highland Laddies

Recently we headed toward the highest land around here for the Tacoma Highland Games.  We haven't been to one of these gatherings since we moved here, but it seemed pretty familiar.
There were the usual pipe bands playing the traditional airs, vendors of blades and kilt pins, and clan tents.  Unusually, we met up with representatives of Clan Menzies. (They preferred the Scottish pronunciation of the name--they probably don't have to live with it.)  The Caterpillar neglected to wear his tartan tie, but he would have matched them perfectly.
We admired the coos, and I took in a bit of dancing and harping.  Then we went to the arena for the heavy events, where massive kilted males and females were tossing massive objects around.  We settled down at one end of the arena, where children could participate in some not-so-heavy events.  At previous games we've attended, the children's events were pretty casual. Come over, try it out, whenever. Here they actually registered, grouped, and scored them all. It took longer than we expected, and we got sunburns to show for it.
The men in kilts made the Caterpillar and his group of oldest boys pick up the caber by themselves, though they handed it to members of the other groups.
Rollo helped the judge practice his dance steps with a well-placed rolling pin.
Scoot flung the rolling pin so gracefully.  Too bad they didn't award points for style.
They also did the backwards hammer throw.
Then there were prizes, for each event in each group, and overall.  The Caterpillar's modesty dictated that he not appear in this picture, but Scoot and Rollo were happy to display their ribbons.  Probably the surprise of the day was that blue ribbon on Rollo's chest.  But really, no one could beat two perfect 12 o'clocks in the caber toss.
It were a braw time!


  1. Truly lovely event. At my fathers request we played the bag pipes at his funeral.

    Wish I paid attention and drive up there to go to that event, I have some dear friends who live near by.

    thanks for posting, sigh, maybe next year.


  2. Glad to hear there are Scottish games everywhere! I missed the one here this year. Glad you guys had a great time!

  3. Well done, ~T~ ! Now I do love some Highland Games!
    Excellent post!